2013: The 13 I AM Dimensions of ONE


I know that I will be given a message to share with humanity regarding 2013 and I had been waiting for days for this message to arrive. I begin to hear Enki calling my name:

Enki: “Nanaea?”

Helen: “I hear you, father. It is good to hear you. It has been an emotional time. I need to speak with you just to be comforted by your words.

Enki: “You know that I am always close to you, my beloved.”

Helen: “I know.” (I smile)

I close my eyes and I begin to see Enki taking shape. I am sitting inside a space craft. The seating and even the walls are padded with what I would say looked like ivory coloured leather but I know that it is not leather. Everything is very plush and luxurious. I see the ‘En’ insignia here and there and as I look to my right I can see the cockpit of the space craft. Father Enki is in his usual blue uniform. His beautiful blue eyes watch me with slight amusement as my eyes look everywhere with interest.

Helen: “Why are we in this space craft, Father?”

Enki: “Nanaea this is my personal craft. I am going to take you for a ride. Would you like you?”

Helen: “Oh yes please!”

Enki: (Laughs) “Ok, then! Come and sit with me in the co pilot’s seat then, my love. I am going to teach you how to fly. Well, you already know inside of you. You even have your own space craft.”

Helen: “I know this. I have seen myself flying it but only in my dreams during sleep time.”

Enki: “Another time I will bring yours, ok? For now, we will fly mine. I have some things I want to tell you regarding 2013 and the motion of flying will help your mind to grasp what I am saying on a deeper level.”

Helen: “Ok, father.”

Enki motions for me to follow him the short way to the cockpit and he tells me to sit in the left seat. There are two seats and to me it looks very much like an airplane cockpit looks like with its controls and lit displays. Enki sits beside me and starts strapping himself in and I begin to do the same. There are two straps that go across each shoulder and click into place either side of me. I am still taken aback by how luxurious everything is. The excitement begins to build up even more inside of me.

Enki pushes a button and then several buttons on the dashboard after that and a semi circle steering wheel ejects out and one does in front of me, too. I put my hands on it and Enki says:

“No, not yet, Nanaea. Take your hands off and place them in your lap. Later.”

I feel a like a child who has been admonished yet I can understand him. I guess it was the excitement if being there and I know it is something I have done a lot of before this lifetime.
Enki hands me a headset and I put it on as he puts his on and he begins to speak in a language that I recognize is Sumerian though I cannot understand what he is saying. I guess that he is telling whoever is listening that we will be flying.

Enki: “Are you ready Nanaea?”

Helen: “Yes but you haven’t turned on the engines yet.”

Enki: (Enki laughs loudly) “My love! We are not in a tractor, you know. This is a space craft. No one can hear the ‘engines’. No one will see us either. We do not use fuel either. The craft sucks in the frequencies of the universe and this powers up the ‘engines’ and helps the craft to have power. Anyway; let’s fly.”

Just like that we lift off the ground. No shudders, no noise, nothing. It doesn’t even feel like we are rising or moving. I can see through the window that we are moving at an exceptional speed but it feels as though it is the craft that is still and the outside that is moving. I am disappointed at not being able to experience great speed but resign to the fact that this is the latest technology and I shouldn’t expect anything at all.

In no time we exit Earths atmosphere and we enter space. We are still flying very fast as Enki continues speaking to some unknown being in Sumerian through his headset and presses buttons and also a touch screen. He stops and takes off his headset and tells me to do the same and I do.

Enki: “Nanaea, this is the perfect place for me to tell you about 2013. I know that your higher self, Inanna, has already explained to you much but I have more things to tell you. It is important that humanity knows that just because you have passed the 21st December 2012 mark doesn’t mean that everything is going to be plain sailing; far from it. Now the hard work really begins. Why? Because you have all gone through a major transition and with this transition comes new energies that your present selves are not used to.

There will be adjustments to make and I know that you have been seeing many visions of Ananke and Chronus as their serpent projections. I am going to explain to you what it means even though I know you understand what is happening consciously.

2013 is the year of the serpent and it is a time of great purging. Ananke, who you know as the Great Goddess or Tiamat, is on Earth moving between dimensions, uprooting and destroying, and this will bring chaos for it is only through chaos that order be found once again and rearranged into a new way. Chronus then cleanses everything that is not productive or positive for Earth consciousness. As everything and all beings are releasing the old and the toxic, so Chronus will harvest this to be transmuted into light.
Ananke is the Earth serpent that ignites the spark of the Kundalini within each of you and this Kundalini rises to meet Chronus. The Great Mother nourishes your Kundalini and enables you to release your old perceptions of yourselves.

Right now most of you are resting for the ordeal of 2012 you have passed and you will need this rest so that you are ready and prepared for the next chapter in this Earth journey. 2013 is the symbolism of change and entering a new cycle, a cycle which is unknown to you in your present human existence. 2013 is the symbolism of the 13th sign of the zodiac that is Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder and with Ophiuchus also comes the serpent who is the sun of the son and who signifies a reawakening of the I AM presence within all of you. 2013 symbolizes the 13 dimensions of the I AM presence which have now moved into one and this one is the dimension that you are co creating with the ALL and the Anunnaki. Each of these 13 dimensions which become one dimension because you do INDEED become ONE with the ONE and the SOURCE of ALL ONE that demonstrates the 13 principles of the I AM presence that is:

1. I AM peace
2. I AM love
3. I AM the key
4. I AM the door
5. I AM light
6. I AM integrity
7. I AM life
8. I AM divine
9. I AM the receiver
10. I AM the giver
11. I AM wisdom
12. I AM ALL
13. I AM ONE

And so my beloved Nanaea, know that my eye, the Eye of Enki, is upon humanity and I continue to watch how my children behave. I am the true Eye of ONE and soon the false eye, the eye that many follow and align their third eye Chakra with will be destroyed. This fake third eye Chakra is the one that hypnotizes and bends free will and manipulates with the use of media and false frequencies. Know that you all are not forced to follow what I say but follow the voice within for this is what is truth and a truth that is a part of me and all of the divine.

2013 is the time of the great merging with your higher selves, your true godhood, for you are all gods and each of you have your own rightful throne upon the Earth and within human consciousness. You are all creators, architects and your talents will be heightened for many will experience the dismantling of their foundations for they were not built on solid ground but on shaky belief systems and so they will build stronger foundations which are in alignment with their true higher selves and spiritual and physical needs.

You also know that the masters are returning more now, more than they have done in the past 40 Earth years. With them come wisdom and hope and guidance and a new perspective. They are the golden children who will create a solid bond with the Universal Council of Light so that Earth may become a member of this Council.

There will be times when you all feel very alone and this is because you need to fly a little on your own, now, and learn how to do things otherwise how will you learn? We cannot do everything for you. Now is the time to really see what you are all made of and what you have to work with and reinforce your intentions of the world you want to live in.

Now, Nanaea, you are permitted to fly all on your own while I supervise.”

I am so excited about doing this and so Enki shows me how to fly, which buttons to press and I am away, flying and feeling happy at having the experience to do so.

In time Enki brings me back to Earth and he asks me to spread this message with humanity.

Guided Chakras Cleanse: Love & Peace


Description: This efficient cleanse can be done anytime and anywhere as it is a simple easy to remember and perform.

21-12-12 The Return of the Gods and the Aeon of Christ


All gods exist as collective thought patterns when we believe in them and empower them with our thoughts. Gods from the past that are no longer being empowered by our thoughts are sleeping in our collective unconscious waiting to wake up. Collective thought patterns that are empowered by us are also being empowered by beings from other dimensions with a positive or even a negative way. In every case, all the gods are channels and doorways to higher truths of light and darkness because OUR inner truth is manifested collectively through them.

Beyond this reality, there are ascended individual souls that incarnated into matter and who originally manifested the archetypal patterns in our reality, bringing to us the truth of the gods through their inner divine reality that is also a part of OUR inner truth. These beings are the Anunnaki who are still being manifested in our reality as collective thought patterns but also as avatars that are doorways to divine and cosmic truths. The Anunnaki, as we know them, who are from the most original tradition on earth, walked among us and they were not mythological beings living in a high mountain like Olympus.

Plato who was a true initiate was trying to explain that the idea of national gods is mistaken by default. National gods were archetypal truths or even random artificial thought patterns that were dressed by the nations as Plutarch explained. These gods exist within the limits which I have explained above, and anyone that does not understand this reality is trapped within the false matrix that was constructed through time that is based on two main factors:

1) Ignorant people and their mental masturbation through artistic presentations.

2) Manipulated projections by the dark brotherhood aiming to hijack the free will of the ignorant and spiritual immature people in order to dominate the thought patterns of humans and make it easier to control and direct them in their own matrix.

Gods belong to the nation of the Gods and they are above our reality and our constructions and anyone who tries to bring them down to some national based human scenario will have to face this truth.

The gods reward the worthy and punish the unworthy and the national or religious labels that each wear have no real importance. Your worthiness will be judged from the thought forms and the qualities you have or you choose to deal with. Theurgy is a ‘game’ that can allow you to ‘play’ with advanced thought forms and advanced qualities, so your responsibility is even greater and it is then more possible to fall deeper into darkness and into delusional thought patterns that suck your energy for unworthy reasons.

The god of the Jews was and IS more real than the Greek gods because of this reality. He is not a national god. He was the projection of a higher truth above nations where for example the Jews were also punished in the same way as all the nations, as he could even support the nations against the Jews. This is one of the main reasons that Jesus was born within the limits of the Jewish tradition in order to bring the truth of the Living Logos beyond the idolatry of the nations.

The Greeks were like happy kids playing in their chaotic wonderland while the Jews had to deal with the justice and the cruelty of the Living Logos.

The Greeks were blessed by the Sacred Feminine and the Jews were cursed by the dominating Sacred Masculine that in time was even divorced from the Queen of Heaven by the Jewish religious leaders, she who was known to the ancient Jews as Asherah.

The Jews were not the chosen, blessed people of God. The Jews were, for some very ancient reason, the chosen CURSED people of God that were forced to blindly believe in Amen-Amun, the hidden god, while the Greeks were blessed to know and been taught by the bringer of Light-Ra (Lucifer) in the form of Apollo. In reality, the Jews were punished and limited within the limits of the divine Judge because as we have explained previously through our work, the most were the descendants of the Igigi, and they were more spiritual advanced than the rest of the humanity and they could use their power and their knowledge of the mysteries to dominate the rest of humankind as they eventually did.

In reality, they still do not have many choices where either they will submit to the manifestation of the true God of the prophets that is Jesus Christ and help the Gods and the true masters of the Solar Serpent Brotherhood to lift the veil of the false matrix, or they will keep playing with the patience of the Gods while having fun with the pagan illusions and the “goyim”. They may have fun with the pagan projections and the “goyim” but we know very well that they FEAR Christ and they tremble within even at the mention of his name, even if they don’t know it, like they also fear the Anunnaki who are the real gods behind their tradition, who are also responsible for their punishment and possibly their DOOM.

Within this artificial and unbalanced construction of opposite polarities and direction, the Jews were killing the Goddess and the Greeks were killing the directing force that is the Living Logos. The Greeks were hunting and even killing their masters, while the Jews raised their prophets as the expression of the directing force in our reality.

Jesus Christ CROSSED these realities and brought them both down under his divine authority and in a way he took down the twin towers and manifested the Alchemical Hieros Gamos between these two collective realities by manifesting a way out from artificial polarity.

Beyond this crucial point of human history and of the psychosynthesis of humanity, the two main factors that were constructing the false matrix continued to work the same way they did, continuing to crucify Jesus through their ignorance and through the false construction of the church and the manipulated Antichrist projections of the dark brotherhood.

Quote from: http://esophoria.org/channeling-from-king-solomon/

The cross was originally worn as a protection amulet, evoking the union of the God and Goddess within the wearer. The wearers were protected because when the male and female polarities come together they are impenetrable by demons or negative energies and agendas. So the seal of the hexagram and the seal of the cross obstruct the energies from entering the consciousness of the wearer.

There were never any spiritual masters among the people who built the Christian church after they had corrupted the gospels and crucified the Gnostics. Not even Clement of Alexandria was a true master, or his castrated and possibly lunatic student, Origen. Clement was speaking like a Gnostic and he had great external knowledge of the mysteries but he helped with the construction of the church lie while he KNEW and stated that there was a secret Christian teaching that was not for everyone which reflected the true teachings of the Christ. He could not speak for anyone else other than the Gnostics. He chose to support the church lie to protect the faith but also the ignorance of simple people while he was hunting the Gnostics. It was a choice that he made that could have some good will to protect the simplicity of faith but the total outcome was negative, in my opinion he should have protected the Gnostic tradition and not hunt the Gnostics like the rest of the so called Christian fathers were doing. I am sure that if he could have seen how the church became the source of darkness, he would have acted differently as his teachings were discarded also, like for example his teaching on reincarnation.

There were some saints and spiritual people and there were just and pure people but the last true master that is related to the church is Jesus Christ himself. The naturally born true masters that had true experience of the divine, had to hide among the Gnostics that were always hunted and crucified by the church, and through this conflict, Luciferianism was born as an answer to the darkness of the church, but also Satanism (Black Magic) was empowered because of the ignorance of the church and their condemnation for the ancient mysteries that made it easiest for the dark brotherhood to take advantage of the mysteries.

What I am describing is the TRUTH extracted through human history and not some relative thought pattern playing within the limits of mental masturbation. This is the truth that can direct your way out from the labyrinth and help you to understand how the divine is manifested in our reality.

This is not just something that Aleister Crowley and other initiates have said; this is the TRUTH that every TRUE initiate Alchemist can see. I was surprised that Crowley said exactly the same thing as I was saying a long before I even knew about him. Later I met him in the astral and learned more about him:


Mother-Isis-Hathor-Ishtar manifested herself as a collective reality and then Father-Osiris-Amun Ra-Marduk manifested himself collectively as her bridegroom and through this divine marriage (through this CROSSING), the divine child is born in our reality and so we have the Aeon of Horus.


Marduk manifested as Jesus and now his father Ea/Enki will manifest the second coming of Christ and complete the circle by bringing the age of mastery and ascension where the past, present and future meet in the circle process of the eternal return. Christ is not a person. Christ is the anointed one (the Messiah) and the one that will come will be much greater than the one who had come and with much more power to manifest the divine will in our reality.

The pagan world manifested the Divine Womb and the Judaic world manifested the Divine Phallus and her bridegroom and there is no way to escape this TRUTH, even if you have convinced yourself that the feminine chaos rules the male Logos or the opposite. The feminine chaos manifests the divine womb and Logos manifests the Alchemical Divine Marriage and the divine seed.

“In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order. Carl Jung.”

Today 21st of December 2012 this is what you have been waiting for all this time.

Welcome to the Aeon of Horus.

© Copyright Esophoria

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