Children of the Anunnaki


“There was nothing more rewarding than walking down the steps of the Ziggurat, and mingling with the people with full knowledge that I would have been confronted by individuals or groups who were afraid of my presence and my being. The reason why I considered it to be rewarding is because I would have been given the chance to comfort those individuals and groups personally/physically. I would have been given the opportunity to walk up to them in ‘broad daylight’ and show them the humility of a god-king. For thousands of ages a great invisible wall, a barrier, was believed to have existed between man and god. I am here to testify on behalf of many gods that this invisible veil is a creation of dark forces. This so called invisible wall was intentionally put there by followers and promoters of fear in order to distance you from us. It is a manifestation that has come about by brainwashing and false teachings. Fear fouls even the most beautiful of souls. It is an element that is constantly used to enslave and to trap. How do you induce fear? By misleading and misinforming. Ask yourselves the following: “what would happen if the source of water to a whole community was compromised?” The most obvious answer would be that the community as a whole would suffer. This is why the ‘mingling with the people’ was considered very important; it was a gauge of wellbeing and healthiness of the community’s soul.

Let me tell you of how and when the suffering began….

Our time had come. Our children were taught the secrets and ways of life on this planet. We had passed on many teachings and traditions. We had set an example of how we would have lived. Our children grew and started interacting with other children of different origins and populated the planet in harmony. They had earned their right and approval of the Galactic Council to guide themselves as an indigenous race of Gaia. Many star communities had called earth home. A decision had to be made as to who would be appointed as chief care takers once parents had left, and a single group of planetary care takers was called for by the Galactic Council. Even though we were opposed to this idea, we had to accept the council’s decision and allow these ‘care takers’ to assume the roles of guides and leaders. Hundreds of generations had passed. Most of us had left the shores of Sumer and Africa and moved on to distant star systems. But a handful of us stayed behind and re-incarnated as human beings within the community. With each life cycle, we were born into different parts of the earth, and lived through many experiences. The shift began in subtle increments. Laws and customs were introduced that were out of the norm. Selfishness and greed cascaded from generation to generation. Soon, wars were upon us all. Communities flocked to pockets of protection in the hope of salvation. It was too late. Fear had already taken grip. It was allowed to spread and wreak havoc on the helpless. It was enforced to control. It would have taken a unanimous and unequivocal dedication of the caretakers worldwide to have been able to invoke fear into the community rapidly and efficiently. A schism had to be established in order for the roots of fear to entrench and grip.

The IGIGI should never have been given the responsibility as care takers!

That is exactly what happened all those hundreds of thousands of years ago. The community was divided and conquered in front of our very own eyes. The populace in that incarnation had been sabotaged and deceived. We, the Anunnaki on the surface along with other star parents, could not act upon these bad deeds because we were hunted down, as well. Since we had incarnated as humans we were as mortal as you are now. You were created in our image. Some of us managed to escape but many perished. Stories and poems of our deaths are littered on the walls and tablets of ancient monuments. The community as a planet was under lockdown and strict guidelines were brought forth. That is how cultures and empires implode and vanish; it is from within that the poison takes effect.

Many races flocked back to earth in vast armadas to defend what was left of their children. Great weapons of power and fusion were unleashed to tame armies that were feeding off the helpless. Some of which evidence and stories still exist today. Millions perished. The Galactic Council was deceived. It was revealed that the care takers had made a secret pact with specific reptilian races that had already infiltrated and dominated the communities of earth from behind the scenes, and thus a means of control was established to subdue all those who attempted to go against the powers that be. Civilisation as we know it had been poisoned from its core. Values of love and harmony were replaced by reptilian survival instincts. Methods of control and influence were further enhanced when monetary systems were introduced. Physiological and physical defence protocols were robust and calculated well in advance. Within a few hundred years, the master had become the slave.

Another flood was out of the question! How could a parent endure such pain again? Taking the planet by force was impossible to comprehend since the population was already traumatised and influenced to reject and demonise ‘alien’ assistance. We were to be labelled as invaders had we intervened in that way. We made a desperate call through love frequencies to all corners of the universe to incarnate on earth and help. Our call was heard far and wide. Star seeds started incarnating by the millions. We knew that the only way to turn back these dark forces was to work from within. We were incarnated in key positions as teachers and illuminators so we may raise the frequencies of the masses through our teachings and revelations. We intended to give hope to mankind and show the harmonious ways of life. We performed the sacred marriage and planted the seeds of light in every lifetime. Our efforts were misled and the rulers of those times took advantage of the corruptness of man and made every effort to eradicate the teachings and followers of the true path of the light and instead introduced fabricated religions with full control of its followers and subjects. Followers of the old teachings were hunted down and tortured to death as to set an example to others. The dark ages had begun. All denominations of religion were introduced and applied planet wide. This was the pinnacle of control.

I ask you:

Is this not what goes on now? Is it not true that communities are at war with one another over many things? Where are the community leaders? Who are these ‘care takers’? Are you not familiar with your true parents? Could you identify your true parents even if they were standing right in front of you?

The answer is ‘YES’; yes you can, because you were created in our image and carry our DNA. You are much more than just flesh and blood. You can easily awaken and remember the reason why you decided to be born on Earth. You can distinguish between true and false. You are energy woven. Your star family has NEVER abandoned you. We have been here from the start and we will be here still in your victorious future!

HAIL, children of The Anunnaki!”

Channeled from Lord Dumuzi by Vahakn Nadjarian, Anunnaki avatar

♥ Twin Flame Synthesis ♥

Twin Flame pic

“Recognizing that everything in our world is dual does not mean believing in separateness; recognizing duality means understanding the divine union of the whole. In order to cherish union you must first experience separation ”
-Helen Demetriou

The Twin Flame union is the one of the most important goals two people can hope to achieve on this Earth. Many ask why it is paramount to our individual, Earth and human collective ascension and the answer is that although the process of ascension does not depend only on the merging of twin flames, it plays a major part in manifesting peace, love and unity on Earth.

From the ancient tablets of Sumer we learn about the Goddess Inanna and her consort, the chosen hero, God Marduk. We learn about the dance of the Shiva and Shakti which are the energies of the sacred masculine and feminine incarnated into matter as the above deities. The stories portray Inanna and Marduk as being twin souls, true lovers, of having an infinite love that replays again and again throughout history as they reincarnate as Osiris and Isis, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, as Mithras and Anahita and as Jesus and Mary Magdalene to mention but a few.

We are taught how their union of the sacred masculine and feminine in flesh, unites heaven and Earth, taking the Earth conscious to zero point and opening stargates to the kingdom so that the energies of a new world, a peaceful and JUST world, can enter human reality.

These fertility rites were celebrated for thousands of years as the ancients knew of the importance of the joining of twin flames. Through this sexual alchemy of uniting mind, body, heart and soul together as one with the creator of ALL, both were transformed, both ascended that much further and their true selves, their higher selves merged with their flesh and mind that much more. So this is the goal of Twin Flames and to those who hear the call, in truth, they have an obligation to each other and to Earth to answer it.

There are those who hold on to old ways of thinking that unless someone is free of karmic debt and/or who has healed themselves of their issues they are not ready and shall not meet their twin flame yet I do not believe this theory as this is the time, right now, when twin flames are needed on Earth and it is crucial that they embark on their own twin flame story in order to help with human and Earth ascension for the twins come to Earth with tools that can help them to heal each other and without the twin meeting each other, they can not pin point exactly what issues they have that needs their attention and healing. In my video I go into further detail about twin flames, pre-twins and shadow twins:

One of the most important reasons why twin flames are meant to re-unite is to take part in the Hieros Gamos which is otherwise known as the Sacred Marriage. The Sacred Marriage involves a process of the twin flames merging on all levels in order to create ALCHEMY. Alchemy is the transformation of either matter and/or energy into something else and through the joining of the twin flames mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, the SYNTHESIS of their union creates ripple effects across the universe caused by the new frequencies they have created.

To create complete synthesis, twin flames must align mentally and emotionally for even this union, along with the divine love making, is also an act of mergence.

Twin souls are capable of bringing the divine BACK to Earth reality. Through working with each other and uniting all aspects of themselves with each other, they create a new ‘being’, a new consciousness of cosmic energy which is reflected in the frequency they have created. Their synthesis of pure love creates stargates with which the divine use to travel through as well as the new wayshowers that are incarnating on our planet.

When the masculine and feminine unite together in the Sacred Marriage which is the TRUE marriage that is assisted by the divine, they create a carriage called the Merkahbah which transports them to a higher consciousness of knowing. All universal knowledge becomes available to them which include the keys in the forms of codes which help them to unlock the secrets of the universe. They begin to understand on a deeper level cosmic love and order and they gain tools in which they may assist humanity in their evolution and ascension process. The two polarities unite in the sacred marriage of divinity and make love in the presence of the divine. Both transfigure, both travel the eternal spiral of ascension as they become one body, one mind, one soul, one existence. They enter the chamber of the gods and commune with them through their love making. They become illuminated within the matrix of passion and discover the elixir of life in the etheric libraries of the Holy Temple of the cosmos.

During their co-creating and alchemical rituals of love, the twins vibrate at a higher frequency and they are able to open communication channels to higher beings of infinite light and love which help them to evolve at a tremendous speed. The lovers of the Twin Flame Union dwell within each other and they exchange their DNA with each physical union. In their urgency to become one, they learn each others rhythms and vibrations and with the merging of their bodies and with the divine, their frequencies create one, unique frequency of love. There is no other frequency like it in the entire universe and within that created frequency, new colours are created that reflect off the different celestial bodies in the cosmos which introduces each one to their combined energy.

This sacred love making holds the keys to the mystical tones of creation and each time they join in the divine marriage, they give birth to new souls and new lights and new Gnosis which is reflected back to Earth and back to the hearts of all of humanity.

The synthesis of the twins’ intentions intensifies the implementation of the divine plan as their combined vibration of love becomes like an echo which travels along the golden spiral of ascension up out into the cosmos which attracts the same reply from the ever present source of LOVE which travels down this same spiral and into Earth consciousness.

-By Helen Demetriou©

For more information regarding twin flames please visit my twin flame website at:

and check out our channelings and articles on this website to learn more about the divine alchemical marriage that is occurring right now between our world and the new world which is merging with our consciousness.

♥Valentine’s Day Full Moon 2014♥


This Valentine’s Day we are being delightfully graced by an empowering boost of the full moon which will ensure that all lovers will be drenched in the erotic and exotic waves of the lunar vibrations.

The key word for this full moon is ‘dramatic’ so for those of you who will be celebrating this day with your romantic partner, be prepared for a highly energetic and almost electrical day and evening together!

By reading the frequencies of this months full moon projections, I can already feel the gush of passionate and mystical love entering our consciousness but this comes with the added bonus that the 14th February 2014 is also the Chinese Lantern Festival so be prepared for enlightening revelations both with your lover and individually.

My romance guides tell me that the energies of the Valentine’s day full moon should be utilized to the fullest, for those who are already in a romantic relationship to use its projections to empower their manifestations of a more loving and understanding union and for those who are single and who are wanting a romantic relationship, to use these energies to attract romance into their lives. This Valentine’s full moon emissions are perfect for those wishing to attract and ethereally connect with a soul mate or a Twin Flame. These vibrations can also be used by united Twin Flames who wish to recall their past lives together and to explore their joint divine mission on Earth.

So how can you make the most of the effects of this wonderful day? Remember to leave your crystals and any items of jewellery and clothing that you wish to empower with the romantic lunar rays outside in the moonlight overnight or near a window where the moonlight is entering into your home. If it is a cloudy night, don’t worry; the frequencies of the moon are still just as powerful and energy can penetrate through any barrier. You can also fill glass bottles with drinking water and leave them out in the moonlight and drink it the next day to absorb the powers and healing vibrations of the moon. You can also make Angelic Holy which you can see in my how-to video here:

Lovers can also perform a releasing ceremony where they discuss the things about themselves which are hindering the progress of their relationship and that they wish to release. They can then proceed to write these things down on their own piece of paper and burn these pieces of paper together under the light of the moon.

Singles looking for romance can write a prayer requesting love and romance to the universe on a small piece of paper and they too can burn this piece of paper under the moon, holding the intention that with the energy of fire their desires will be empowered and will manifest their love into the lives.

Always remember that whether you are single or half of a couple, self love is the most important love of all so why not pamper yourself on this day? Spend time doing things for yourself, meditate, book yourself in for a healing or a massage and in the evening, take a lunar bath under the loving rays of the moon.

Great crystals that correspond with the moon that you can work with are Selenite, Moonstone, Amethyst and Celestite and these can be combined with love vibrating crystals such as Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Watermelon Tourmaline. If you only have one or two of these crystals, simply hold them and meditate on the evening of the full moon. If you have many, then place these crystals around you in a circle and meditate within the circle. These crystals will vibrate at an exceedingly powerful frequency and you will absorb these frequencies with the energies going where they are needed to. You can also manifest your thoughts with the empowerment of the crystal frequencies but remember to keep your intentions crystal clear and think about what you DO want rather than what you want.

Above all, have a very loving and romantic Valentine’s Full Moon!

Helen Demetriou ♥

You can find more of Helen’s work at:

Twin Flame Ascension

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