Children of the Anunnaki


“There was nothing more rewarding than walking down the steps of the Ziggurat, and mingling with the people with full knowledge that I would have been confronted by individuals or groups who were afraid of my presence and my being. The reason why I considered it to be rewarding is because I would have been given the chance to comfort those individuals and groups personally/physically. I would have been given the opportunity to walk up to them in ‘broad daylight’ and show them the humility of a god-king. For thousands of ages a great invisible wall, a barrier, was believed to have existed between man and god. I am here to testify on behalf of many gods that this invisible veil is a creation of dark forces. This so called invisible wall was intentionally put there by followers and promoters of fear in order to distance you from us. It is a manifestation that has come about by brainwashing and false teachings. Fear fouls even the most beautiful of souls. It is an element that is constantly used to enslave and to trap. How do you induce fear? By misleading and misinforming. Ask yourselves the following: “what would happen if the source of water to a whole community was compromised?” The most obvious answer would be that the community as a whole would suffer. This is why the ‘mingling with the people’ was considered very important; it was a gauge of wellbeing and healthiness of the community’s soul.

Let me tell you of how and when the suffering began….

Our time had come. Our children were taught the secrets and ways of life on this planet. We had passed on many teachings and traditions. We had set an example of how we would have lived. Our children grew and started interacting with other children of different origins and populated the planet in harmony. They had earned their right and approval of the Galactic Council to guide themselves as an indigenous race of Gaia. Many star communities had called earth home. A decision had to be made as to who would be appointed as chief care takers once parents had left, and a single group of planetary care takers was called for by the Galactic Council. Even though we were opposed to this idea, we had to accept the council’s decision and allow these ‘care takers’ to assume the roles of guides and leaders. Hundreds of generations had passed. Most of us had left the shores of Sumer and Africa and moved on to distant star systems. But a handful of us stayed behind and re-incarnated as human beings within the community. With each life cycle, we were born into different parts of the earth, and lived through many experiences. The shift began in subtle increments. Laws and customs were introduced that were out of the norm. Selfishness and greed cascaded from generation to generation. Soon, wars were upon us all. Communities flocked to pockets of protection in the hope of salvation. It was too late. Fear had already taken grip. It was allowed to spread and wreak havoc on the helpless. It was enforced to control. It would have taken a unanimous and unequivocal dedication of the caretakers worldwide to have been able to invoke fear into the community rapidly and efficiently. A schism had to be established in order for the roots of fear to entrench and grip.

The IGIGI should never have been given the responsibility as care takers!

That is exactly what happened all those hundreds of thousands of years ago. The community was divided and conquered in front of our very own eyes. The populace in that incarnation had been sabotaged and deceived. We, the Anunnaki on the surface along with other star parents, could not act upon these bad deeds because we were hunted down, as well. Since we had incarnated as humans we were as mortal as you are now. You were created in our image. Some of us managed to escape but many perished. Stories and poems of our deaths are littered on the walls and tablets of ancient monuments. The community as a planet was under lockdown and strict guidelines were brought forth. That is how cultures and empires implode and vanish; it is from within that the poison takes effect.

Many races flocked back to earth in vast armadas to defend what was left of their children. Great weapons of power and fusion were unleashed to tame armies that were feeding off the helpless. Some of which evidence and stories still exist today. Millions perished. The Galactic Council was deceived. It was revealed that the care takers had made a secret pact with specific reptilian races that had already infiltrated and dominated the communities of earth from behind the scenes, and thus a means of control was established to subdue all those who attempted to go against the powers that be. Civilisation as we know it had been poisoned from its core. Values of love and harmony were replaced by reptilian survival instincts. Methods of control and influence were further enhanced when monetary systems were introduced. Physiological and physical defence protocols were robust and calculated well in advance. Within a few hundred years, the master had become the slave.

Another flood was out of the question! How could a parent endure such pain again? Taking the planet by force was impossible to comprehend since the population was already traumatised and influenced to reject and demonise ‘alien’ assistance. We were to be labelled as invaders had we intervened in that way. We made a desperate call through love frequencies to all corners of the universe to incarnate on earth and help. Our call was heard far and wide. Star seeds started incarnating by the millions. We knew that the only way to turn back these dark forces was to work from within. We were incarnated in key positions as teachers and illuminators so we may raise the frequencies of the masses through our teachings and revelations. We intended to give hope to mankind and show the harmonious ways of life. We performed the sacred marriage and planted the seeds of light in every lifetime. Our efforts were misled and the rulers of those times took advantage of the corruptness of man and made every effort to eradicate the teachings and followers of the true path of the light and instead introduced fabricated religions with full control of its followers and subjects. Followers of the old teachings were hunted down and tortured to death as to set an example to others. The dark ages had begun. All denominations of religion were introduced and applied planet wide. This was the pinnacle of control.

I ask you:

Is this not what goes on now? Is it not true that communities are at war with one another over many things? Where are the community leaders? Who are these ‘care takers’? Are you not familiar with your true parents? Could you identify your true parents even if they were standing right in front of you?

The answer is ‘YES’; yes you can, because you were created in our image and carry our DNA. You are much more than just flesh and blood. You can easily awaken and remember the reason why you decided to be born on Earth. You can distinguish between true and false. You are energy woven. Your star family has NEVER abandoned you. We have been here from the start and we will be here still in your victorious future!

HAIL, children of The Anunnaki!”

Channeled from Lord Dumuzi by Vahakn Nadjarian, Anunnaki avatar

Ashtar Command: The Cosmic Order of Knights


Note: To gain a greater understanding of who Prince Karelion is, please click the link:

“Humanity does not want to be told anything that is a reality. They do not want to face that which makes them feel uncomfortable and when they hear or read a reality they condemn it, clam that it is not from the light, simply because they cannot cope with it. I would even go as far as to say that humanity is allergic to truth and so they accept a truth that does not force them to wake up and look reality in the face. This is why you are so easy control because you are placated with illusions that do not force you to open your eyes but to live in an oblivion of lies. You are living within the reality of an illusion yet this illusion is still a reality. This illusion is created by those who have erected the false matrix on Earth because they are not afraid of reality as they are the ones creating realities. Can you understand now how your fear has enslaved you?

Anything that shoves your minds out of your comfort zones you demonize and accuse of being evil and some of you have also accused me of being evil simply because I scare you because what I present is not a message praising you and telling you how wonderful you all are or that you have no need to better yourselves because you do not want to better yourselves; you want the world around you to change in order to suit your fears but my dearest brethren, this shall not happen, not for you, not for any tribe in the universe.

The bottom line is you have to change your way of thinking and you have to change your way of doing. This is not a threat but a reality that you are so afraid of. If you think that Earth is a playground for souls to incarnate to ‘play at’ being human then you are deeply mistaken and in truth you should be ashamed of yourselves for thinking that you divine plan includes souls slacking off on a planet deeply in need of help. Each and every one of you agreed to incarnate on Earth to aid and support the liberation of humanity through mental alchemy. Earth life is not a vacation for the soul but a place for the soul to work and work hard for the ascension of the human species. Those of you who escaped from the reality of this are those of your who allowed yourself to shirk of your responsibilities because you became entrapped within the frequencies of the matrix makers who are not of divine origin and not servants of the light.

It is true that I am not one to sugar coat my messages to you and my ego is not so large that I need you to believe in me or of me in any way; I simply follow the guidance of my own divine existence and that of my parents who are the divine children of the universe.

As you know, I am Prince Karelion and the commander of the Ashtar Army, Ashtar being the house of Ishtar and Ashur who you also know as Marduk. It is my duty to protect the galactic space above and around the Earth to ensure that no demonic entities are permitted to enter your consciousness. Although I know that this does happen and has happened in the past due to the matrix makers of your world making gateways for them to enter to support them in their treacherous workings.

And so I ask each and every one of you to support this fight against the corruption of the divine matrix on your planet as this is also one of your duties that you must performed considering that you agreed to incarnate on Earth because as I have said to you; Earth is not a hotel that must house you; you must work and work for the very spot that you inhabit on that planet.

I give you the intergalactic news of what is happening with your fellow brothers and sisters of the various star races that are your allies. For now there is a quiet within the Cosmic Order of Knights as we are awaiting the command from Ashur/Marduk for our next act. There are some of you who are more in tune with the reality of your world and the cosmic patterns that filter through your world who feel this; a building up to something and you are correct; for when the next solar flare occurs we shall strike down various enemies who are planning to infiltrate the protective shield around Earth as they are planning to demolish the ancient site of your and my ancestors as they have already done to some of them.

You see, the matrix makers of your world plan so many of these occurrences simply because they wish to gain full access to these sacred sites that contain life energies and sacred energetic codes which help them to take control of them and the vortexes created by the gods. With them they can time leap to different destinations throughout Earth history and gain skills that enable them to create a stronghold into the new world that is merging into your current world reality. This new world IS merging and their hope is to become the archons of that new world just as they are in the old world. So to you, those who are opposed to the new world also known as the new world order are simply being brainwashed into holding on to the old world where you are enslaved, for it is only in the new world and by a new world order can these matrix makers be overthrown. Please stop doing this; please stop allowing yourselves to be trapped within the frequencies of the archons who are using you to brainwash humanity into mentally keeping the old world in place that gives them time to establish themselves within the new world and once again gain control over the divine patterns to use them for their own agendas. This is something that you must understand and part of the reality that you must face and not fear; you are afraid of change and you are afraid of the new. Even though many of you claim to want change, in truth, you are very afraid of it so continue to empower the existence of the old world.

By doing this you will not stop this mergence but you will delay it slightly and cause greater discomfort for the rest of humanity. You are not informing them but mis-informing them and creating a barrier between them and their right to freedom. This whole situation is not about you and has NEVER been about any one human and their ego to become someone above anyone by claiming to hold the truth; this is about ALL of you and a united effort to help bring this new world and a new world order.

It is imperative that you understand that although there are some of you who have been sadly misled and your minds have been infiltrated by negative forces regarding your ancestors which force you to demonize them, you and I are bound to the divine and they need your help to bring this new world and a better world for you just as much as you need theirs. For the fact that they are your creators and that you come from their DNA and the very wombs of the Goddesses, you are united with them for an eternity because nothing is thicker than blood and these bloodlines are infinite.

So it comes to the time when you have to choose because anyone who rebels against the divine plan is rebelling against their own soul mission. You can choose to rebel and suffer the consequences of your OWN actions because you are rebelling against the nature of the flow of the universe or you can perform your divine mission on Earth and support the divine plan and each other. You have free will so choose wisely. This is also a reality that many of you don’t like to see and behave like children having a tantrum over not liking something your parents have told you to do. If you have merged your conscious with that of your higher selves then you would not suffer from the rebellion your human side creates but simply understand the will of the divine and go with the flow of the cosmic light.

I can understand how you would like me to explain what the Cosmic Order of Knights is and I will gladly do this for you. the Cosmic Order of Knights are a brother and sisterhood of beings who have dedicated their lives to upholding the divine laws and are members of the collective mysteries of each star nation. You also have similar Earth based orders on Earth and so do other species on their planets and constellations. This is basically what the command of Ashtar is; we are a priesthood and not only an army. Maybe you envision us to be soldier-like with guns and weapons but we are Masters of the light who are trained in mental, spiritual and material alchemy and who have had to step into the mode of the warrior in order to protect nations from those who have malevolent intentions and who bring corruption and chaos to the balance of the universal and divine energies.

There are many of YOU who have been Knights of the Cosmic Order who have agreed to incarnate on Earth to use your skills to help with the ascension of humanity and bring in the new world. Many of you are students of the mysteries and the occult and who are working in the background to ensure that the divine frequencies over power those of the dark ones. You are working with us and act as mediators between the galactic and Earth brotherhood.

This is the end of this message. Until next time please, honour yourself more than your illusions and remember that you are all children of the divine and it is your duty to act according to your divine will and not the will of your ego.”

The Charge of Inanna by Helen Demetriou


This charge has been channeled from the Goddess Inanna and can be used by the Priest/Priestess to open and/or close their ritual. It can be used as a prayer, for meditation purposes and for bringing the reader closer to the Goddess. Please respect these words as they are divine in origin and always remember to give the credit to the author should you wish to publish it to your website or blog.

Hear, all you children of the Star, who is Inanna, She who is known as Ishtar, Astarte, Aphrodite, Anahit, Hathor, and many other names.

I am the lamp stand of a thousand flames; I am the illuminator and the Star Maiden of the celestial vaults. I clear the black clouds to allow the light of the sun, which is that of truth and justice, to shine upon the children of the gods. O! Hear the moon, hear the moon! She is placing the sun on the mantle of the Earth, the great altar of resurrection and life! Feel the essence of the divine chapters of the Book of Life rising from the pages that are the crusts of the earth. And as each page turns a new memory is born, a memory of when ye were free! Free to love, free to know the truth and free to worship the gods of the Earth!

I am the bright Morning and Evening Star. I am Venus and the Queen of Heaven and Earth. I am love and my cup of wisdom is offered to all who wish to learn my mysteries of soul initiation. I am from the Mother of Midnight Blue, and I am from the red core of the Earth. I am the middle and the in-between of woman and Goddess and I am the mediator between illumination and ignorance. I am the Lady of knowing and un-knowing, I am the Wise Sophia wearing the flesh of the gods. I am She who walks between worlds, and I am she who speaks to you now.

I have always been with you; I was there during your journey into this life. I have always loved you for I am the missing part of your whole; I am the circle surrounding you and I am the one you have always longed for.

I am the seer of my people and the magnifier of wisdom, I am a woman of the divine root and the symbol maker and the knower of roads. I am the divine shoot, the egg that hungers the seed and I am the golden obelisk that surrounds the conscious of your passion.

I am the rose on the cross of change and with my words come clarity and knowing, for any ear that should hear my whispers who have turned their hearts towards the heavens shall hear the sounds from my tongue reverberate off their thoughts and all that they can identify with is the one true power of ALL.

Let all men know my power and let all men know not to try to replace my significance with that of the male pride, as this is my story, the story of the Rose, the moist spiral within the redness of the white. I AM the star who is the eternal bride of the Hieros Gamos who redeems and resurrects the soul. I am the Mistress of beasts and the rider of the beast, the one who surrenders and obeys to my divine Word.

I shall not be used as a tool; I AM the channel of the Shakti and not for the pride of men who wish to abuse the words of the gods for their own satisfaction. I am Womb-An(u). I speak for no man. I am here in service to humanity to share my Logos among you, to bring hope, wisdom and love and the arrival of the divine plan on Earth.

I am the seven fold star that unravels the mysteries of the universe. I am the seven petaled rose that reveals the true name of all that is sacred. I am the winged serpent that rises to kiss your third eye and I am the mother of blood that rises from the lava of the Earth. I know every one of your faces for I fashioned them with my own bare hands. And I know every one of your souls because I housed them within your flesh. Seek me within the darkest depths of your soul for I reside between the place of riches and glory. I shall not be a phantom that poisons you if you look at me with humility and understanding.

There is no thing that is beyond my vision for eternity is entombed within my body, just as every child that is born into flesh has been hatched from the graveyard of my womb. For all that has come from me has come unto me, either to find rest or to find life.

If you are shameful, I shall wear your shame, and clothe you with the splendor of my pureness. For I am the Rose and I spiral my way across the sky, following the Serpent Path, forming petals of five detailing each vibration and emission of love and sending it to you. I am the whole who brings the Cross of Light. I am the complete cycle and the joiner of polarities.

The rose is the heart and the core and the empowerment of the cross. Therefore I am the empowerer of the god of light and I am the root of the Tree of Life. Let the brave ones come unto me and let the brave ones try to part my petals for only by searching for the core of me shall you find the heart of me. Only by finding the heart of me shall you find the truth, for the truth is what I give but only the true seeker shall find it. And if you shall find it, so you may journey down below my breasts to the place where exists the cup; the cup of plenty and the cup of lies, the cup of absolutes and the cup of enlightenment. The cup is the seat of my power and only through finding the heart of the rose can you enter the cup and take your fill of life and wisdom. But first you must leave your heart behind as an offering to me.

I bare my breasts to you and summon you to drink from my fountain of life and wisdom; get drunk from the nectar of mine. Through the recognition of your own divinity, you are set free and you are born once again in the egg of the Great Mother and from the seed of the Great Father.

Come unto me and I shall walk beside you until that day that I shall call you once again to walk beside me and at this time I shall guide you back into my womb.”

© Copyright Esophoria

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