Ascending to Reality through Mythos


There is a debate among the ‘illuminated’, ‘wise’ and ‘rational’ people concerning what is truth and what is a lie and some people accuse the gods of being liars, that the gods cause problems with their “lies” and allegories (mythos). These people project that the only truth is their own truth which can only be perceived through reason and that we are the only projectors and manifestors of our reality.

Firstly, if you make some unbiased research regarding the stories of the gods (or Angels if you prefer) including the manipulated stories, you can see that in most cases they were benefactors, guides and protectors of humanity as well as giving humanity everything we know civilization to be. Even when at the end of the cycle they come back and destroy their buildings (remember Atum, Enki and the Bible), they had reasons for doing so.

Can we really understand why the creator gods are also destroyers, which is also the god of the Bible as well as the Hindu god, Lord Shiva? Can we understand the Ouroboros and the karmic loop of the whole of creation?

Not even Zeus could overpower Chronos/Aeon who IS the great dragon and the great serpent.

Who is the encircler in the Egyptian tradition? Atum (the Sun) manifested through the cycle process and encircles everything as well as being the lord of the circles of the serpents. Atum IS the Aeon, the one who turns the magical wheel of Shiva.

Some could say that all of this is very confusing and that we end up in searching for the real identity and the real form of the divine, when the inner truth manifests though many forms that lead to the conclusion which the ancient Greeks made when they said:

“Ηen to Pam (Εν το Παν)”

which it means “Everything is ONE”. This is because everything IS one within the limits of the pyramid of creation and the divine order in which the deeper states/dimensions/scales define the surface and the formed world of illusion = Maya.

The Divine Order = 936 = As Above so Below

What is Maya?

Maya is the power of the gods to project and create/manifest which at the lowest scale seems like an illusion because in order to find the real meaning of each projection which was made at a specific time and within the limits of the necessity of current time, you have to ascend or just travel through it and approach the nucleus and the deeper meaning = Gnosis.

This is how allegories work: when a divine projector teaches important, esoteric lessons to superficial thinking beings that are lost within the world of separation and illusion (Maya), this deity projects through the pyramid and this projection has to go through routers and different realities in order for the formless truth to reach and travel through the different levels of the lower dimensions.

A projector has to go through the circle – O (womb/female force) to plant his divine seed with his phallus (male force) and he divides within polarity – Φ (read more about Φ here: and here: by
manifesting the golden mean. This is the Living Logos and the Cosmic Serpent (You are the Christ, the Son of the living God. Matthew 16:16) that shed its skin like the serpent does at the end of its cycle.

(Remember the disassembly of Dionysus and Osiris)

Every projection about the truth within the Pyramid is a dogma and you have to go through the karmic loop to approach the deepest essence of things and the necessity of time. Every projection and even our own projections have a deeper cause that manifests a karmic effect through Maya.

This is how our divine essence divides into different forms until it will reach the ground by passing through the pyramid from the 13th dimension state of being as this is the true source of forms as it manifests through the formless state of the Christ Consciousness.

The true Orphic’s and the Pythagoreans can see this connection between Jesus and Dionysus; the divine essence within that is disassembled (Dionysus) and crucified (Jesus) in our reality -> lower level of existence.

It is unavoidable that our divine essence (Dionysus-Christ) will return (resurrect) as we proceed to close the previous cycle and he is speaking through the cave to EVERYONE, through EVERY form (human AND alien) while he is the voice of the ONE.

All the major religions are waiting for a messiah of some kind and even Satanists wait for the Antichrist. The arena is set (as Lord Marduk told us in a previous channeling) and we all hear some echo of the Cosmic Serpent that encircles our reality and even those that have not even the slightest spiritual experience can hear the echo of the big change that is coming upon us because it is already happening.

The “New World Order” is manifesting as the highest council of the Gods COMMANDED to through the process I am explaining in this article.

As the cycle is closing and we are returning to the zero point (the cosmic egg of the Orphic’s), our divine essence is shedding its clothes-forms and it becomes a naked/formless truth, descending back to our reality through chaos while ALL forms are ruled by the great dragon (note that Marduk was also known as the dragon). The sun is descending within us through chaos and while he devours our darkness we ascend to the sun or get burned within the limits of this alchemical process.

Maya = 240 = Mind = Idol = Scale = Dogma

Maya = 240 = Mind = Liar

Remember that Dionysus is the king of the feast, the master of disguise and the great deceiver. The mind always projects an illusion (lies) to the formed state while truth is formless.

Form = 312 = Devil = Abracadabra

Underworld = 804 = Solar Eclipse

Hades = Shade

Shade is where the light of the sun cannot reach (in particular direct sunshine) because it is blocked by any object.

The underworld is the shadow state of being we enter into when the sun is no longer with us.

Sunrise = 630 = Liberation = Light Bearer = Savior

Living Logos = 846 = Omnipotent = The Devourer = Seed Of Truth = Bring To Light

846 = Purification = Purgatory = Tribulation

Guidance of Marduk = 918 = Free Your Mind = The True Light

918 = Alphabet Messages = The Lord’s Coding

918 = Messiah Words = Jesus Words = Joshua Words

Phosphorus = 930 = Elohim Tzabaoth = Love And Forgive = Repent And Be Saved = As It Is In Heaven

As I have stated before, some shadow beings (Shade = Hades) are unable to repent and introvert. In a later article I will explain the difference between this and the falsities of the church, through which they projected a false idol. In order to ascend you have to repent and this word comes from the Greek word ‘meta-noisi’ which means to ‘learn after’, to learn from your mistakes and introvert and by evolving your inner intelligence (Gnosis) you ascend to heaven->higher states of consciousness.

930 = I am Guiding You

Illusion = 666 = Believe in Man = Insanity

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The Return of the Male and Female LOGOS


I knew that I was going to channel and for the past 15 hours I have been waiting for it to begin. I began to see a golden sun god mask in front of my eyes. I felt that it was the cosmic Christ. The time came when the words began falling into my mind and I began to type.

For those who walk in the light of the God and Goddess, for you I bring to you these words. I have come to tell you all that you will rise up through the fire of the Shekinah, the fire that baptizes you of all patterns and shackles that have been clamped onto you by men who believe themselves to be gods of your world. She has encapsulated around you the divine egg of Ananke, and placed you within herself as she carries you through these transitions. You are traveling along the highways of time, around and around you go, meeting me at every place as I shine my rays upon you.

And as the Milky Way opens up above and below you, so do the cosmic energies transmerge and mingle within the frequencies of your reality, as I descend to those who are aligned to my love and ascend to those who have fallen prey to the shadows of their ego.

Then begins the dance; the eternal dance of the god and Goddess; entwining, correcting, balancing, creating. When they make love, they make love to your souls and you twist and turn with them, showing them how well you fit within their hearts and existence. For you have always existed in many dimensions and many communities of the stars. Together with them, the triad that includes you molded yourself into what you needed to be for each incarnation. You celebrate with them and they give you their crown for all of life is within you and you are within all life and your presence within the soul of souls is a reason to rejoice.

Feel the energies mixing with yours in a concoction of love that will enrapture the hearts of your brothers and sisters on Earth, for I am coming, for I am soon to be with you and those of you who know me will feel me and will meet with me in the astral planes of the light.

The coming of the Solar King is nigh! Shout, be happy and share the good news! For with him he brings the resurrection of the Goddess and the balancing of worlds within you and around you. As the sun begins its descent, so shall I descend upon you, for the Winter Solstice is my time to SHINE within the hearts and minds of you all!

The Magi have been waiting for this time; the initiates of the mysteries have known about my return from the time I incarnated before and the times before that. You who know me shall witness great events and recognize your journey into the Kingdom of the gods. You shall all be initiated; you shall all become Christed Masters, men and women alike. For I do no discriminate neither do I judge you for what is divine and created by the divine.

There are those who believe I come to judge and this is truth; I come to judge those who have enslaved you within the world that were given to you by the Elohim. I come to judge those who have made themselves your false idols and have manipulated you into worshiping the created instead of the creators and the creator of ALL. I come to topple them from their fake thrones and crush those thrones to dust and I come to create a throne for each and every one of you, children of the divine!

They told you that you are awaiting the anti Christ. They told you that you were awaiting the false prophet. They told you this so that you wait for ONE and they told you this to close your eyes from the truth of what they are. Yet they have returned countless times and live among you right now. The false initiated who claim to be the anointed ones are the anti Christ’s; anyone who enslaves the children of the gods in my name is an anti Christ. Any being on Earth that practices the ancient ways of the mysteries and uses it to elevate themselves above and imprison the children of the gods is an anti Christ. For I came as a human to live among you to show you that I am a son of man. I came to live as a human among you to show you that I bleed as you; I feel fear; I feel sadness; I feel love; I feel pain; I feel joy; I am you and I have lived under tyranny on your planet as you have and do right now.

The biggest pain I have felt and the biggest pain the gods have felt is when they enslaved the sacred feminine within their perverted minds and rationed the wisdom of Sophia in their false teachings. But just as I shone on you in the day, the Goddess shone on you at night; secretly moving among you through the rays of the moon, throwing her truth on the illusions that they have created for you.

They teach that the Goddess path is evil; they teach you that she is a whore, a prostitute. Any man or woman who believes her to be so should cut that belief from their hearts for it is a toxin, a poison for who gave birth to me? Who gave birth to the Earth? Who gave birth to you all right from the very beginning? They forced you to cut off your left hand and forced you to use your right. They forced you to crucify yourselves constantly by making the symbol of the divine union between the sacred masculine and feminine on your bodies. The male LOGOS is a lame, castrated and lifeless energy without his left hand. The male LOGOS is a hard, cruel and vicious dictator without the Shekinah who is the female LOGOS. If you divide a tree from its roots, it dies. The tree is the male LOGOS and the roots are the female LOGOS. Without the Goddess to nourish the tree, the tree was migrated and death and hate was all that was left on Earth.

The Goddess has always been with you. It is I who will return. It is I that she awaits. It is I who will praise her in the eyes of the anti Christ’s. For it has come to a place on Earth that you will only listen to a male voice for the divine feminine has been bound and gagged within the dungeons of the human psyche and now you and I shall set her free.

Your reality will change for I do not come alone. There are many who have returned before me to share the good news of my return. There are masters who have already been born and who are working for the light. I do not come alone. I come with 12 x 12 x 12! And we, with your help, shall change your world and manifest the truth as a shrine to all humanity and a message to the dark ones that they shall never enslave you again. Ahriman awaits them and also the fire of the Shekinah that burns and hurts not brings life.

Nanaea, you are the gateway and hold the pure, white lily rosette and manifest the symbol of the dove. Marduk on Earth, you hold the lightening rod and the keys. You know what you must do. Be good shepherds and continue to be the servants of the light in others. Carry who you can upon your backs; they are strong. And always remember who you are and why you returned. The Peacock bares his feathers to you and paints your souls with the rays of his vibrant colours. You are covered with the eyes of the gods and you become a thousand eyes as you witness and record and share our words. Venus on Earth will receive her Venus star and it shall grow within her sacred womb and shall birth me into matter as the cosmic ray of Lucifer.


Christ said that he will bring us 12 x 12 x 12 which to us is a message to find the results in the Gematria:


Also note that:

Sophia is the empowerment force (Shakti/Shekinah) of the Logos.

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Quotes from the above channeling:

You wanted to know more about the mergence of two planets within a planet which is the consciousness of Nebiru with the reality of Earth. As the Goddess personifies Earth so does the God Marduk personify Nibiru. These two great, colossal energies merge in the dance of the Hieros Gamos, the Sacred Marriage of oneness and blessed union. He shall enter her and she becomes the grail and through this amalgamation of realities and consciousness the Vesica Piscis stargate is opened up as an exit and entrance point into other worlds. It is through this stargate that the true selves of human kind will emerge and join together with you as one. It is through this Vesica Piscis stargate that Atlantis, Eden, Paradise or the Kingdom shall be given birth to by the mighty Mother Gaia.

Now, you asked us about the serpent rope, Jacobs Ladder, the stairway to heaven. It really is very simple. On the 21st December 2012 the Milky Way will open its own stargate and the serpent rope will connect with the Vesica Piscis stargate on Earth. This rope or ladder is also a bridge that will permanently connect Earth with cosmic consciousness and it is from the Milky Way, which is a wormhole, that the new Christ or Solar King shall exit and enter your reality.





The merging of this two realities and the Vesica Piscis stargate:




Esophoria is also a prophecy about the return of the Solar king who will bring one world order.


Marduk is the god of the Bible and the one who constituted the day of Sabbath-Sabattu in the Babylonian mysteries and he is also the king god of all pagan religions. He is the personification of the kingdom.

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