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Who are the Anunnaki? (video)


Anunnaki avatar and channel Helen Demetriou discusses the Anunnaki and the many misconceptions regarding the creators of humanity. For further education on the Anunnaki please click on the links below:

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Horus 3rd Eye Activation (mp3 audio)


Description: The Eye of Horus is an amalgamation of 6 symbols which represents the shattering of Horus’s eye into 6 pieces and these pieces shall be reassembled within you to create the 1 hequat measurement of the eye. These 6 symbols corresponds to each of the 6 senses which are smell, sight, thought, hearing, taste and touch. During this activation, all of these 6 senses will be activated and finely tuned in affiliation with the Eye of Horus by Lord Horus himself. You may or may not witness site of the divine Horus but know that this activation is taking place on all levels, through all your subtle bodies, through all directions of space and time, in the past, the present and the future.

During this activation the Eye of Horus symbol will be placed within each of your 7 Chakras and your 3rd eye Chakra will become the Eye of Horus itself. With this you shall receive protection, healing, wisdom and the restoration of true sight, as the Eye of Horus stimulates the energy center of the 3rd eye.

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